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White Hole Cosmology

Written by David Steltz

Posted on October 12th, 2012

Last Edited on June 27th, 2017

The following is a summary of Dr Humphrey’s White Hole Cosmology, a possible explanation of the cosmological events of creation week in the Bible. I do not know who originally created this list; I will add credit if anyone informs me of such. I am not implying my agreement or endorsement of the views represented henceforth, but present them as thought provoking and certainly worth consideration.

  1. The deep was a large ball of ordinary water at ordinary temperatures and density
  2. Water molecules are held together by electromagnetic and nuclear forces, therefore these forces must have been in place at the beginning of the universe
  3. The existence of these two forces, nuclear and electromagnetic implies the presence of relativity
  4. Gravity would define the space between the waters and the vacuum above the waters. Since this interface is described in the Bible, we can assume gravity was also present from the beginning
  5. Gravity would also shape the water into a sphere.
  6. The sphere of water was slowly rotating in respect to the space it occupied
  7. There was no visible light at the surface of the sphere
  8. To contain all of the visible universe, the sphere had to have an initial radius of at least one light year (two light years in diameter)
  9. The universe started as a black hole; the event horizon was very distant, 450 million light years away.
  10. Gravity would continually pull matter inward. (The only matter present was the large sphere of water)
  11. Thermonuclear synthesis would result from the extreme heat and pressure from the gravitational effect on the water
  12. The intensity of these reactions would release enormous amounts of energy in the form of light
  13. The light would be pulled back into the condensing sphere from the gravitational forces, there would be uniform light on the surface of the sphere
  14. As the compression continued, gravity would be so strong that light could not reach the surface, and the sphere would be dark again, God being the only source of light
  15. If God made Himself localized, the sphere would have a bright and dark side.
  16. As the sphere became smaller, its speed of rotation would increase
  17. Dr. Humphreys estimates the time for the first rotation was 24 hours, or one ordinary day. Time on the surface of the sphere passes much more rapidly since gravity is the weakest there.
  18. God changed the black hole into a white hole. God rapidly increased the cosmological constant, Λ, which began a rapid inflationary expansion of space
  19. The waters above the expanse, the expanse, and the waters below the expanse were thus defined.
  20. Material within the expanse pulled into large clusters as it expanded. The waters above and below the expanse stayed coherently together.
  21. As the expansion proceeded, the matter cooled as rapidly as it expanded
  22. The expanse contained clusters of hydrogen and helium
  23. As the radius of the curvature was expanding, but still about 1000 times smaller than today, the expanse cooled to about 3000 K°
  24. Atoms began to form, the clusters became more defined and the space between the clusters became transparent
  25. Thermal radiation of the expanse would continue to decrease in temperature as the expansion continued. This is the uniform cosmic background radiation of 2.74 K°
  26. The matter above and below the expanse has optically thick walls.
  27. Day 2 of creation week ends, but the work of Day 2 is not yet complete
  28. On Day 3 the dry land appears and is separated from the seas. Perhaps God used rapid radioactive decay to heat and expand the supercontinent so that it was more buoyant than the earth’s mantle.
  29. The event horizon of the white hole continues to shrink and the waters above the heavens reach and pass beyond it. The event horizon continues to rapidly shrink towards the center, earth
  30. The clusters of hydrogen and helium left behind by the expansion would be pulled together by gravity
  31. The events in the expanse are operating under Schwarzchild time; time is passing much more rapidly in the perimeter than near the gravitational center.
  32. The event horizon reached earth early on Day 4
  33. Also on Day 4, nuclear fusion within and continued gravitational collapse of, the stars caused the emission of light that would be visible on earth.
  34. The stars thus had billions of years to form and starlight had billions of years to travel to earth as measured in Schwarzchild time.
  35. During the time the starlight was traveling to earth, the universe expanded by a factor of 5. This caused the stretching of the light’s wavelength, causing the observed redshift, in the light from the stars.
  36. God stopped or slowed down the expansion on the Sixth Day of creation. This makes the cosmological constant, the curvature of space zero or a small positively increasing number.

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White Hole Cosmology