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Written by David Steltz

Posted on August 24th, 2022

Last Edited on July 7th, 2023

Tags: Philosophy

Some people think about their lives as "revolving around" someone or something.

For example, "my life revolves around my family" or "my life revolves around my work." Some people think about areas of their lives as revolving around other areas. For example, "my work schedule revolves around my family schedule" or "my family's schedule revolves around my work schedule."

This isn't a helpful/healthy way of thinking about priorities and relationships between aspects of life.

The only singular entity any aspect of our life should revolve around is God.

My life revolves around God.

My life doesn't singularly revolve around my wife's life, and hers doesn't revolve around mine, rather it is a constant, undulating dance; a breathing give and take relationship. Each of us revolve around God and each other at the same time.

In the same way, our lives don't only revolve around each other and God, but our children too…all of us in an intricate dance, in unique relationships with each other.

Add work, friends, church family, home and garden, hobbies, and it becomes an infinitely complex dance that some days seems like an impossible juggling act, and others like a glorious masterpiece.

This is the universe in relationship with its components, with the X (Christ) as its cosmic conductor, bringing order to the chaos.

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